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Training is done by staff who failed in other departments. Literally, it is maybe a 4-5 month job. Process is to train as many people as possible then fire them or make them so miserable they walk out. Everyone who works there hates it.

Bonus/Incentive program changes monthly. Bonus/Incentive which you might qualify for, disappears though some undisclosed entity. You made the sale, but then they magically are cancelled.

You are encouraged by supervisors to lie, cheat & steal from customers & then you are penalized by Quality Assurance.

Sales are for products & customer service for lowest rated cell phone provider, who is consistently rated worst provider, worst customer service & also in the top 50 worst employers to work for in the US. Do your research!!!

This companies reputation is nationwide for everyone of their call centers, it is notated as the worst job any employee has ever had by former & current employees.

Review about: Employment.



I swear, I think West busses in employees from local housing projects. That would be great if they knew who to speak proper English and didn't dress like they were going to a nightclub to get drunk on MD20/20.


You must be salary

Reno, Nevada, United States #1138971

They changed the vacation policy right before many 1 year employee were to receive there promised time off and now they must earn it a few hours each check..nice...some of us who had saved time off after years of service were striped of earned time off due to not being able to carry it over


Completely innacurrate


West is full of *** kissing hypocrites who have no management skills nor people skills.ALL OF THE *** KISSERS AND NO LIFE'S LOVE THIS JOB!

I work in OKC, been here well over a year, & of all the childishness and *** kissing not to mention people with authority who do not know how to use it... Every rule is broken by the chosen few, managers and certain employees can sleep at their desks and anyone else is reprimanded... I could write a book of reasons why this place should be shut down for good...

Then burn it to the ground so that it has no chance of re-opening...IJS


The management positions at West are awarded by virtue of attrition - those who are able to withstand a rigorous dousing in a lethargic and arbitrary workplace come to be promoted.Well, of course, unless one of the dance-off winners doesn't like you for any reason at all.

In which case, it will be lower-middle-management ordered PINS (performance improvement notices), 1, 2, 3 strikes you are out (lucky you if that is the case). West is a dead-end environment. It is renowned for its *** personalities at the helm. You should think of this organization as a factory job, not a professional career.

They hire everyone and their mother. I suggest you go there, tell them all the buzzwords (close the sale) that they want to hear and get hired for training. Once “training” is over and you are “certified”, thrown out on the floor, either do a very horrible job (hang up and curse at callers) or just don’t show up at all. Unless you are completely inept and zombie-like, this place is not for you.

It will kill your spirit and destroy your life. They have a strong bias against the LGBT and other minority groups. It is really a clique (or claque) environment, if you don’t have a friend in management then I suggest you look elsewhere for employment.

I want to stress, even if you are desperate, this is not the place to go.


If you do your job right and show up to work you have no problems.I'm the quiet one in the back that logs in takes my calls then go home.

Its not that hard they're dicks if you bring attention to yourself but if your numbers show a good job and they can't even find where you're sitting you have job security.I kiss anyones *** and I don't make a big stink I simply do my job and I've been there for years....

Youngstown, Ohio, United States #743786

I worked my a## off for this company for 8 months only to get fired for some reason they wouldn't tell me about!! If you are thinking about working for this company, don't. They will train you, work you to the bone, then throw you out like yesterdays trash.


this is a pass through job unless you kiss the right butts and my nose is already brown so no


For the month of September many employees at West qualifed for extremely high incentives under the document that was issued for 9/2012. Many emplyees earned close to the windfall clause issued by their client company, of five thousand. In October when the incentives were added to the last paycheck of the month, many got a very nasty surprise.

Management at West changed the metrics for the incentives after the end of the month.

Many had their incentives reduced from thousands, to hundreds. Only a lucky few were able to break over a thousand dollars. West Mamangment did this without warning their emoployees, and when confronted on it, some were shown the metrics which has a mathmatical algorithim that West is unwilling to explain so that it can be verified. Others were politely told that there was nothing that could be done about the loss. Those who have complained about it have been quietly told that to continue on that course would put their jobs in jeapordy.

Line Supervisors are unwilling help those who need their help, and the word is being passed through actions instead of actual written word, if you don't know find out on your own because we are as in the dark as you are.


No matter what you do it is never good enough.1 week your stats are up and the next they are down.

So, no bonus. Do something you do not understand and no warning or training, just a write up.

Sick, don't be, they do not take doctor notes.Positive feedback only exists for the pet employees.


the *** is the same in every country they steal part of your wages and never tell you why it is missing they refuse your lunch periods and breaks. Its *** I am in the process of sueing them.


I agree with what everyone has said. Here is my 8 week experience with this company, located here in Ohio.

We were hired as part of as "pilot program" to be tech support for one of their Mobile Phone clients. We were promised a pay rate of $9.00 an hour. When we got our first paycheck, it was for $8.50. They came in and talked to our class (still in training at this time) and said it was due to a payroll error as all of WEST does not have a $9.00 an hour scale programmed into the Pzayroll System. But they felt that they would compensate us with a $35 gas card, and the promise that the $35 would be on the next check. So the gas card would be a gift. Two weeks later, the $9.00 an hour adjustment, nor the $35 was on our pay. Again they came in and apologized. Only this time, no gas card. Just asking us to please be flexible and rest assured, this would all be taken care of by next paycheck. So two weeks later (now 6 weeks in) the payroll was still not correct. The $9.00 an hour was finally corrected, but no retro-pay. So, they gave us another gas card, $70 this time. Not sure how I'm supposed to pay bills with a gas card, but whatever. They then promised that the next pay our retro pay, which they stated numerous times, would be $105. They also informed us that the $105 in gas cards would still be taxed. So, two weeks later...can you guess?...yup, no $105. There was an amount for $56. When I asked payroll about the discrepancy, they said that management was in error. We would not be paid $105, only 105 hours at the $0.50 difference.

But wait, there's more!

West's management of employees is abysmal. For example, they put a lot of emphasis on time management, and want people ready and able to take calls at the start of their shift. That's reasonable sure, but consider this...They are strict about employees showing up to work early. In other words, if your shift starts at 3pm, they don't want you at your desk no sooner than 2:50. Any earlier and your sent to the breakroom. They also don't want you logging into your system till 5 minutes before your shift. Now, when you have 10-12 programs, each with their own passwords that need logged in, a system that needs booted up, and having to hunt for and assemble headsets, there is no mathmatical way that you can be prepared to fully take calls. Sure, you can log into the phone and take a call, but you wont be fully able to service a customer cause not everything is ready. But that's the point of West. They're not concerned for customer experience, they are only concerned with stats. And successful West reps are those who are concerned about their stats rather than customer satisfaction. Consider for a moment that in order to maintain your position, not only is Tech Support required to resolve the customers issue, but to upsell them a feature or device. You must maintain a quota or else. Management also is strict about you occupying space. Myself, I have leg issues, and require a walker. Yet, during 10 minute breaks or my 30 minute lunch, I m not welcome to just stay at my desk. Scram, go to a break room, your not welcome here is the general feeling one gets.

But what if you can't resolve the issue? Well, than you create a case. You're expected to keep a customer on the line while this is filled out. The case requires navigation thru 6-8 different programs, a lot of cutting and pasting, as well as determining departments, divisions, etc that the case needs to go to. An average rep just hitting the floor averages 20-30 minutes just to fill these out. Experienced reps still take 5-8 minutes. This time is not including the 5-8 minutes of speaking and resolving the issue with the customer. Not good when your AHT (average handle time) is meant to be 12 minutes or less. Again, you're set up to fail.

But wait...there's STILL more...

So I am into my 8th week of my 9 week training period. 5 weeks of classroom training complete. 2 weeks of mentoring done. Well, technically they cut off two days of mentoring and threw us into nesting. So this is my first of 2 weeks (plus 2 days) of nesting. Unfortunately I got horribly ill. Turns out I had food poisoning. Needless to say I was too sick to work. Heck, I was too sick to even drive the 30 minutes just to get to work. I did use the call off line. But upon returning, I was unemployed. They have a strict rule about how you can't miss anything during your first 9 weeks.

Now, in fairness, I was aware of this. So it wasn't a surprise. I was advised that in situations like this (cause West is an understanding and compassionate company) they have you fill out a rehire/reschedule request form. I was told it can take up to 30 days to process, and if approved I'll be placed in an upcoming hiring class. OK, fair enough. I filled it out.

How have I performed thus far? Let's see, high marks in class, I was the only one who received a PCS and it was all fives (we did a day of mentoring with customer service calls, even though we were tech), I met my sales goals during mentoring, as well as adhering to expectations for AHT and hold/availability. In fact, I was even in contact with our trainer who wanted me back and said that he emailed a recommendation that I be placed into a class asap. So day after day goes by and nothing. I try calling HR and mostly get stonewalled with "wait the full 30 days." Well, today I got thru to someone who now informs me it's company policy not to rehire anyone unless they worked a year and gave at least 2 weeks notice.

This policy flies in direct contrast to the concept of rehire/reschedule. What's the point of r/r if their isn't any intent on rehiring? She asked if I had documentation. No, sorry. I don't run to the hospital every time I get sick. Granted if the illness was more than 2 days I would have seen a doctor. But without any documentation, I am basically SOL.

It seems absolutely absurd that someone who is willing and able to work, one that they've invested so much $$$ into for training, and one who performed more than adequately, should be so easily discarded. I mean, what a mismanagement of resources. And they wonder why they have such a turnover.


I'm trying to put together a claim against West via the EEOC for discrimination/harassment/retaliation. During my research (as I am to document everything), I have started uncovering numerous other similar complaints and stories. Unfortunately, I've noticed that these complaints go unclaimed. I would rather take the time and file a claim that's not just for me but for others who want justice. Please email me at: Discriminassment@me.com with your complaints and experiences. I can't make any promises that the claim will go through. The EEOC has informed me that it is illegal to be retaliated against by West for being a part of an investigation or a claim.

If you witnessed or endured discrimination (i.e. asked for a reasonable accommodation and were denied) or harassment due to a disability (physical or mental) by an employee at West Corporation, please share your experience.

I'm tired of being treated unfairly and pretending like nothing happened because the thought of taking on such a large company is so daunting. We are all human beings and no matter how large the company or one's position, we deserve to be treated with respect. I understand companies need to make money, but there's an ethical way of doing it and it's time companies like West know they can't get away with this.

Please stand up!

to Enough is Enough! #578892

I know!Where i work there are people who are afraid to say anything cuz the last person who did got retaliated against.

Management seems to believe who ever goes to them first about a problem and all the other people are just making up stories. Even tho you have 10 or more people who say the same thing.

They don't care about people, they never did and never will!West treats people like animals not humans.

to Enough is Enough! Reno, Nevada, United States #638795

I was a victim , my story is a little different.I was looking for work I got laid off, Job Connect sent me to WEST!!

NIGHTMARE city I should had walked away. They had me training on March 20, 2013 I went and drove over there for nothing. Red Flag they did not call and tell me my background check had not came back fine. Training on March 25th fine got changed to May 15th fine.

By then I had had enough, went to file my unemloyment WEST had me starting on MARCH 25th, 2013, I did not work or train so now I have to go through all this ***. I was told this by 2 higher people at unemloyment. Job Connect took up for these people. So now I am looking elsewhere I have had 4 interviews with good companies.

BEWARE!!! The place was crowded, had a dirty smell. Nobody was smiling or saying HI!!! Mt buddy worked in airlines for 20 years and got laid off, she went to WEST after training they gave her the boot out the door.

Please has anybody got that $500 so called bonus?I dont like talking about companies but this one its crazy!!

to The Belle Reno, Nevada, United States #732724

To be completely honest, every single complaint on here is somebody who was fired or wasn't hired due to their mistake!I a been at West for about 6 months, I am in sales, I love my job and I am *** good at it!

My supervisor is amazing and completely understanding of all situations, and I have gotten at least a 1,000$ bonus every month I have been on the floor. Everyone that has complaints just needs to quit their whining, and accept the fact, they were not meant for the job!

Not West's fault!I am just saying every one of these is "I was fired" or "I quit because I didn't get my way" Grow up!

to Doing Great #761007

Just admit it you are a corp shill and full of *** or too young to know better.West is a crappy place to work, their management needs to be train on how to manage.

They also need to understand that you need to have planning and good training to do your job correctly.West provides neither on the scale that is needed.

to Doing Great #778703

all i have to say is that you have no back bone to let someone treat you like that.

its amazing how you are the only one saying how happy you are. read the posts. you must be a kiss *** and brown nosier.


Believe all the bad things you read about West Corp. They eat people up and spit them out when they are done with you

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